Jeanie Buss Gives Lakers Championship Ring To Justin Bieber Cuz He's Soooo Dreamy

jeanie buss
Jeanie Buss and boyfriend Phil Jackson, whose ring she gave to Justin Bieber

Is there anything Justin Bieber doesn’t have? He’s got hit records, a zillion followers on Twitter, packs of tweenage girls eager to rip his shirt off and now, thanks to Los Angeles Lakers EVP Jeanie Buss, an NBA championship ring. It seems even much older women are not immune to the charms of the Bieb!

Buss was supposed to be giving the ring to her boyfriend, Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who earned the 11th ring of his career at the end of last season. But Bieber, among the many celebrity fans watching last night’s tipoff game, asked if he could see it, and Buss obliged. He even had his picture taken sporting the ring before Buss took it back to her boyfriend.

See, kids, you work hard, become the world’s most popular singer under age 16, and anything is possible—who knew Bieber could even see the court through those long bangs?