Jeff Brazier Tells Jack Tweed - Stay Away From My Boys


jeff-brazier-jade-goody-jack-tweedJade Goody’s ex and the father of her boys Jeff Brazier has banned Jack Tweed from seeing Bobby and Freddie. Jack says he’s going to fight to see them and stay in their lives, but it’s not looking so good for him.

Jeff has been taking great care of the boys and has decided that it’s in their best interest if they have no further dealings with Jack. He believes they deserve a lot better than him.

Jack is in jail again, but this time he’s going to be tried for rape. “With everything that’s happened, it has proved too much for me to imagine Jack seeing the children again.”

Even though Jade wished Jack would be in the boys’ lives Jeff said he was allowed to use a little common sense where they were concerned.

I’m glad to hear that Jeff is exercising that right as their father. It might be a little sad for them, but if Jack is going to be such a horrible example for them he needs to keep them from him.