Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Fight: Bad Example For Young Fans (Video)

Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Fight
Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Fight, Bad Example To Kids

Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton got into a bit of a fight at the Texas Motor Speedway over the weekend. Though no punches were thrown, there was definitely some shoving involved. You can watch a video clip of the Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton fight below.

Nascar is a sport that is loved by all, and Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton set a bad example for young fans who were watching the race from the speedway, and from home.

Jeff Gordon wound up getting out of his race car and confronting Jeff Burton after Burton slammed him into the wall.

Of the incident, Gordon said, “Of all the people out there, I never thought that would happen with Jeff Burton I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for him, but I certainly lost a lot of respect today.”

After the fight with Gordon, Burton admitted it was his fault and said, “I knew he was going to be mad, and I don’t blame him for being mad. He didn’t do anything he shouldn’t have done. He was upset, and he should have been upset. I wrecked him under caution I didn’t mean to wreck him, but I wrecked him under caution and he meant to tell me he was upset.”

Regardless of whose fault the Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton fight was, as professional drivers who are looked up to by young fans, they should have taken a moment to cool off before letting their tempers flare, don’t you think?

Watch the video clip of the Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton fight below and judge for yourself.

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