Expecting in August: Jeff Gordon, Sunny in Philly Star, and 24's Renee


For Jeff Gordon, baby number 2 is well on its way! Guests at last night’s MET Ball had a chance to check out his wife Ingrid Vandebosch’s bump (picture at left). The NASCAR driver and his model spouse, who are expecting a boy, aren’t the only A-Listers due in August. Check out two other stars whose pregnancies are just beginning to show.

Their babies will fall under the Leo or Virgo zodiac signs. Leos tend to be generous, loyal, and potentially stubborn. Virgos are reliable, analytical, and—sorry, guys—fussy.

As  for the babies’ names, how about: August, Augusta, Augustine, Augustus, or Augustinus? Or Frank?

Oh, right, you want to know about the other two August babies-to-be. Facts and photos below.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olsen and her husband, series creatorkaitlin olson pregnant  McElhenney, are expecting a boy, as well! “I haven’t been nauseous at all, so far—I hate to jinx it,” she told PEOPLE Moms & Babies over the weekend. 

Annie Wersching, the actress who plays Jack Bauer’s final 24 love interest, Renee, showed off her August-baby-to-be bump on Friday at the series finale party. What’s she been craving? “Tons of mint chocolate chip ice cream and French fries,” she told People. Her husband is comedian Stephen Full. No word, yet, on whether their babe will be a boy or a girl.

Annie Wersching pregnant 24 renee

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