Jemma Kidd Is More Than Makeup, She's A Mom


jemma-kiddJemma Kidd, the makeup artist,  is over the moon. She’s been trying for years to get pregnant and now, at long last, she’s pregnant with twins.

A source says, “She and Arthur have been trying for a baby for quite a long time and Jemma was getting quite panicky that it wasn’t going to happen. When she found out she was pregnant, she was ecstatic and the news that they were expecting twins was the icing on the cake. She has already started baby shopping even though they haven’t found out the sexes of the babies. She has a lovely bump, which she’s very proud of and can’t stop patting. She is about five months pregnant and has had all the major scans and everything is great. The news that they were expecting twins was an amazing surprise. Arthur’s family were especially happy because they are desperate for an heir to the family’s fortune. Now they will have two.”
How fun, and what a relief.

Being pregnant with twins after trying for so long has to take a big load off of her shoulders.

Congratulations Jemma. We’re so happy for her and Arthur Wellesley.