Jenelle Evans Shares New Pics Of Her Son Jace And His "Toy Gun" (Photos)


Jenelle Evans is landing herself in hot water with her fans once again! The Teen Mom star has shared some new photos of her enjoying some quality time with her son Jace. And while the pics look totally adorable, some fans aren’t too happy with the fact that Jace is playing with a “toy gun” in one of Jenelle’s Instagram pics.

While I understand that every parent parents differently, I am a staunch believer that children shouldn’t be playing with “toy guns” of any kind. I forbid any kind of guns or violent-like toys in my home (and that includes video games, too!) for my children and even went as far as returning toy guns that my kids received as a gift from their grandmother. While everyone has their different opinion on the matter, as a parent, I believe that there are far better toys (and educational ones!) that my children can spend their time playing with.

As far as Jenelle though, she hasn’t commented about the toy gun and why she posted it on Instagram. But as long as she teaches her son the difference between “play guns” and “real guns” to Jace and explains that violence at the end of the day isn’t the answer, then all should be ok. Well, at least I’m hoping she does!

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Photos via Instagram

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