Jenelle Evans: Why Did She Change Her Privacy Settings On Her Instagram Account?


It looks like Jenelle Evans might not want the attention that she’s used to getting. The Teen Mom star has surprisingly made her Instagram account private for the almost 800,000 followers that she has and is only selecting certain photos to share to the public.

So why the sudden change of heart with her privacy settings? There’s a good chance that Jenelle might be slowly making her way out of the spotlight or she’s just tired of reading comments from her haters on her social media accounts. Something tells me that it could be the latter. Either way, it’s very rare for a celebrity to make their photos private for the public. We’re so used to seeing reality television stars such as Jenelle sharing every single detail of their lives several times a day.

Tell us, do you follow Jenelle Evans on any of her social media accounts? What do you think of her making her Instagram account private?

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Photos via Twitter

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