Jenn Sterger Is Done Playing Nice! The Hostess Wants Favre to Hang His Head In Shame


jenn stergerJenn Sterger is done playing nice when it comes to the Brett Favre sexting scandal.   The former New York Jets game hostess is trying to strong arm the NFL into making a decision (in her favor) when it comes to the end of Favre’s playing career.  

While the NFL is conducting its own investigation, they apparently aren’t moving fast enough for Jenn Sterger and she wants to dole out the punishment before the league has made its decision.  Of course the only resolution she wants is the ultimate humiliation of the quarterback by having him suspended for the rest of his professional career. 

Favre has made no secret of his intent to retire from playing at the end of this season.  Given that at one point of the season he was suffering from a fractured ankle, tendonitus in his should, and stitches in his chin, the time has finally come for Favre to hobble off the playing field.   (Note to the Minnesota Vikings – there are a couple of great quarterbacks in this year’s draft — Cam Newton would look great in purple!)   

For her part Jenn Sterger says she won’t sue the quarterback if the NFL does exactly what she says (a bit like a headstrong toddler demanding that mom and dad listen up RIGHT NOW!)  Maybe the fact that she didn’t report the messages when they happened two years ago or the fact that may have sold them to get the scandal started might be weighing in on her decision not to sue the quarterback?   Given that there are only four games left in the season, Jenn Sterger has very little time to further humiliate Favre and his family!

Photo: PR Photos