Jenna And Bodhi Elfman Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary


jenna-bodhi-elfmanIn case you haven’t been following Jenna’s tweets,  yesterday marked Jenna and Bodhi’s 15th year as a married couple. Major congratulations are in order for them!

To celebrate, Jenna and Bodhi left 2-year-old Story Elias with a nanny and headed out to dine at LA’s Campanile.

It’s awesome that this very-pregnant partnership is still going strong. Tweets Bodhi:

“Thanks for all the Anniversary well wishes! 15 years married, 18 together, how long she’s been annoyed with me… (unknown)”

15 years together is a pretty good stretch for any couple, but it’s practically an eternity in Hollywood. On Wednesday, Jenna Tweeted:

“Tomorrow is my & Bodhi’s 15 year wedding anniversary. A great 15 years. Not bad for Hollywood! Don’t we get an award or something?”


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