Jenna Bush Hager Is Being Commanded To Have Grandchildren

jenna bush, george bush
George Bush commands grandchildren from daughter Jenna.

Former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager may only be in a three-year marriage, but her father President George W. Bush, is commanding her to have children.

“I don’t have any children. I just have a cat, to my parents’ dismay,” Jenna said at Thursday’s Wonderopolis launch. “My dad saw my husband’s boss at a conference, and he said to stop paying my husband until we produce children.”

Jenna and her husband Henry Hager are settling into their New York City home with theit cat, Bernadette.

“We try to spend as much time together as possible when we’re both home, even little things,” the former teacher told PEOPLE. “We had a UNICEF event this week, but before we went, we went for a walk up the West Side Highway just to catch up. I think the little moments are what’s most important.”

What do you do to keep your marriage alive? And do you think it’s too soon for Jenna to have children?

[Photo via PR Photos.]


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