Jenna Elfman: I Had It Planned All Along


jenna-elfman-baby-bumpJenna Elfman has impeccable timing. When Jenna and her husband Bodhi decided they wanted to have a second baby, they timed it to seamlessly coincide with her new show Accidentally on Purpose, where she plays a 37-year-old pregnant woman. No fat suit necessary.

When she got the shooting schedule for Accidentally on Purpose, Jenna and her hubby realized that if she got pregnant in August, her baby bump would grow at the exact same pace as her character’s. Says Jenna:

“I knew my character was going to be pregnant the entire first season, so I figured it was a good time to have another kid,” she says while sitting in the living room on the set of her new CBS series, Accidentally on Purpose (Mondays, 8:30 ET/PT), “so that was the plan.”

Jenna already has a 2-year-old son Story Elias, who she tries to work her acting schedule around as much as possible. On her quest to be there for Story as much as humanly possible:

“Today was a crazy day. I got done early, and I ran home and I got to be with my boy, who just woke up from his nap,” Elfman says, pleased that she got to spend some time with Story. “It was almost going to be nothing for the day, which never happens unless I’m out of town.

“Right now I can bring him to the set. I just try and figure it out every day and I make it my priority. Where there’s a will, there is a way. And a mother’s intention is strong. I know mine is!”