Jenna Elfman's Pregnancy Diet: Mac And Cheese


jenna-elfman-story-swingHave you noticed how Jenna Elfman seems to be wearing a lot of black these days? That’s because it’s part of her pregnancy workout plan … or maybe I should call it her non-workout plan (we thought she might be going goth on us). Wearing black, along with eating macaroni and cheese, is part of Jenna’s pre-baby regimen.

In a recent interview with Us Magazine, Jenna spilled the macaroni on her dieting and workout secret:

“I’m staying in great shape by fooling you by wearing black. In my first trimester I craved macaroni and cheese, which is why I’m fooling you by wearing black,” Elfman told Us. “I have been walking on the treadmill and doing light weights. Since we’ve been shooting, I’ve been too tired to exercise.”

How ridiculous? She looks too good to be just scarfing mac and cheese all day, but whatever — maybe she’s telling the truth. With a 2-year-old running around and a busy shooting schedule, I guess it’s pretty hard to waste time eating mac and cheese.  Plus, Jenna has another secret:

“This year, Alexander McQueen made all these great dresses that fit my pregnant body — and that’s good for my morale as a pregnant woman.”

As for how her 2-year-old Story is preparing for his role as an older brother, Jenna thinks  he’s gonna do great:

“He’s already an amazing big brother… He talks to the baby and rubs my tummy and wants the baby to come play choo-choo.”