Jenna Fischer Confirms She's Having A Boy! 5 Baby Name Suggestions


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Jenna Fischer confirms she is having a boy!


The Office star Jenna Fischer is expecting her first child with husband Lee Kirk, and while she was appearing on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, the actress let it slip to Jay Leno that she was having a boy!

Leno asked if her parents were thrilled over their first grandchild to which Fischer replied, “”This is the second grandchild, but first grandson.”

Leno jumped on the word grandson and Fischer confirmed the slip of tongue. Her and Kirk are expecting a boy!

This is the exclusive, Jay,” says Fischer, 37. “When I went to my movie premiere the other day a reporter asked me if I knew what I was having, and I said I do, but I’m not sharing that yet because I’m [going to] have Jay be the first to know.”

Lucky man.

In light of the happy news, here are five baby name suggestions for Jenna and Lee.

1. Captain – Why not have a baby named Captain Kirk?

2. Benjamin – Such a good, strong, classy name.

3. Five – Numbers seem to be the trend for baby names these days.

4. Edward – It seems to be a popular name these days. I wonder why.

5. Harry – Why not pay homage to the epic Harry Potter series.

What baby boy names would you suggest?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]