Jenna Fischer is Having a Boy! Our Top 10 Picks for Godparents (And We're Including Dwight)

Jenna is expecting her first child.

Jenna Fischer, who plays the adorable Pam Halpert in everyone’s favorite dysfunctional work environment in “The Office,” recently announced that she is expecting a baby boy.

The actress’ pregnancy is also going to land in the hit NBC’s primetime show, so we couldn’t help but wonder who Pam and hubby Jim would pick to be as their godparents for their second bundle of joy on the show.

Check out our gallery and top picks for Godparents for the Halperts’ second baby.  Who would make your list?


  • Kevin 1 of 10
    As Godfather, Kevin would definitely share his jar of M&Ms with the little tyke (and write him a song, too!).
  • Kelly 2 of 10
    Kelly loves to shop online, and would no doubt remember the little tyke during each birthday and Christmas celebration.
  • Ryan 3 of 10
    Ryan and Pam did get to know each other a little better during their time at The Michael Scott Paper Company, so he would be a good choice (as long as he doesn't embezzle the baby's college fund).
  • Andy 4 of 10
    Andy would make sure the baby has the same impeccable frat-boy Scranton-friendly fashion taste as he does (with a wardrobe that would include pink vests and orange pants).
  • Meredith 5 of 10
    Meredith would show the Halpert baby a great time bar-hopping and pub-crawling through all of Scranton's watering holes (as long as she wouldn't date him, right?).
  • Michael 6 of 10
    Ok, so he's no longer in Scranton but it would be a good idea to have Michael come back as the baby's Godfather (he did want to be the Godfather for Jim and Pam's first child). Plus, the show is going to need him!
  • Dwight 7 of 10
    Dwight would be the perfect Godfather. The Halpert baby would grow up learning how to play paintball and ping pong along with Goju Ryu karate, love to watch Battlestar Galactica, and quickly learn the ways of survivalism alongside Dwight. He would grow up to be a little fascist nerd just like him!
  • Oscar 8 of 10
    As Godfather, Oscar would make sure the little boy's retirement and savings accounts were in good shape!
  • Angela 9 of 10
    Angela loves babies (remember when she tried to set up an impromptu photo shoot with Jan's baby?) As long as she just keeps the baby away from her cats…
  • Phyllis 10 of 10
    As Godmother, Phyllis would probably be the official party planner for his christening, birthday parties, graduation, wedding, etc.

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