Jenna Fischer: Pregnancy Is Giving Me Cellulite!

It's been an easy pregnancy for Jenna Fischer

Everyone’s favorite television receptionist, sales rep, and personal assistant, Jenna Fischer, says that although her pregnancy has been easy so far, she’s been plagued by unsightly cellulite.

Jenna, who plays the lovable Pam Halpert on TV’s “The Office” admits that even though she hasn’t experienced much morning sickness during her pregnancy, the one thing that has been bothering her is a little pesky cellulite under her dress.

She tells E! News:  “I’ve been really lucky, I’ve had a really easy pregnancy.”

“But before all the pregnant women at home get mad at me for saying that, I just want them all to know that, while I did not have morning sickness, I have plenty of cellulite and it’s okay.  I’ve been cursed in other ways,” she added.

The 37-year-old actress is expecting her first child, a boy, with husband Lee Kirk.  She is due to give birth in September.

Meanwhile, it looks like Jenna is going to have to be pregnant again but without the cellulite as a second pregnancy is being written in the scripts for her character Pam on “The Office.”  Check out who we think should be the Halpert baby’s godparents on the show.