Jenna Fischer's Pregnancy Written Into The Office: Jim and Pam Will Have Another Baby!

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The Office's Jim and Pam set to have another baby!

If you’ve been wondering how The Office would handle Jenna Fischer’s pregnancy, wonder no more. The actress confirmed that Jim and Pam will have another baby!

There won’t be any props for Jenna Fischer to hide behind this season – instead a new sibling for their daughter Cece will be coming to The Office soon.

Fischer told Vulture that her character, Pam “will be pregnant when the season starts.”

Fans may wonder how they’ll write the storyline to explain the pregnancy, but Fischer explains that the Valentine’s Day episode showed the two having a little intimate sneak away moment. “The story is that they conceived this baby at that time and were keeping it a secret until we come back from the summer,” Fischer said.

Jenna Fischer and husband Lee Kirk announced her pregnancy in May.

The Office premieres on September 22. Are you looking forward to seeing how another pregnancy for Jim and Pam plays out?

Image: PCNPhotos

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