Jenna Jameson Left Her Twins and Went to Vegas!


Put yourself in Jenna Jameson‘s shoes. You’re a mom of young twin boys. Your boyfriend – Tito Ortiz -allegedly assaults you.  What do you besides talking to the press and paparazzi? You go to Vegas baby! Now domestic violence is nothing to take lightly but…most in this position would hunker down, reevaluate one’s choices and would spend countless hours hugging their children. Jenna Jameson? She decided to pack up and hit the road with two friends to go to party it up in Las Vegas.  She told the press that she is, “keeping her mind off the negativity. I just want to jet off to Vegas and relax by the pool. Maybe I’ll buy a really, really, really tiny bikini and make Tito jealous,.”  Those priorities seem a bit askew, no?

Her twin boys are reportedly being taken care of my Jenna’s dad. Tito can’t return home due to the restraining order that was issued on Jenna’s behalf. What would you do if you were in her positon? Would you stay with your sons or go off to sin city?


Photo: INFPhoto

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