Jenna Jameson Reconciles with Tito: Does This Bode Well for Twins?


Jenna Jameson, who according to reports has changed her story several times regarding the alleged assault by boyfriend Tito Ortiz, has apparently forgiven the father of her twins because he is supposedly moving back in with the family this week. We talked before about celebrity parents embroiled in domestic abuse issues, so what does this planned reconciliation mean for one-year-old Jesse and Journey Ortiz?

Well, most likely a life of uncertainty, ongoing conflict, perhaps an on-again / off-again relationship between their parents and then most likely — a final split. Not one of our examples of parents who endured domestic abuse lasted long term.  And my guess is that will be the case here as well.

Domestic abuse allegations aside, would you forgive someone who told the world you were addicted to Oxycontin when you really weren’t, especially when that could have ramifications for the future of your children?  Or maybe there is more to this story. Stay tuned. (Or maybe don’t. It’s probably going to get more sordid.)

Read about the effects of domestic violence on children here.


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