Jennie Garth Admits To Separation Issues When Leaving Daughters At School



Beverly Hills, 90210’s Jennie Garth, who is mom to Luca, 12, Lola, 6, and Fiona, 2, admits to having separation issues when it comes to leaving her girls at school.  The busy mom-of-three says she is relishing in the last two weeks of summer vacation!

Garth said, “I’m relishing in every minute that I get to sleep in long, and not make a lunch.” 

Jennie admits she’s the mom who hangs around in the back of the class when her daughters start school.  Fiona, her youngest, starts preschool this year.  “I’m the mom that stays in the back of the class, hiding.  I want to stay with them as long as I can.  She’s [Fiona] going to school where my other two daughters went to school, and they let me stay as long as I need to.  It’s not even about Fiona… it’s about my separation issues.”

I guess celebrity moms experience the same things the rest of us do!  Did you hang around when your child(ren) started school for the first time?

Jennie is married to Twilight actor Peter Facinelli.