Jennie Garth Talks about her "Foxy" Husband and Daughters


Fans of the hit Twilight film series go crazy for young hunks Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.  But one hot dad that many moms swoon over is Peter Facinelli who plays the “father” vampire Carlisle Cullen.

Lucky for actress and mom Jennie Garth, he is her “foxy babe”.

“I always see him as really foxy,” Jennie told PEOPLE about her heartthrob husband at the Style n’ Smile event on Thursday in New York City. “I’ve always thought, ‘Wow, I’m super lucky.’ He’s a babe.”

Even after 15 years together, their relationship remains as strong as ever.  They share three daughters Luca, 13 Lola, 7 and Fiona, 4. Jennie and Peter try to make sure that her daughters are raised with a positive self-image and self-confidence.

“My mom really instilled in me that I’m beautiful and I can do anything, and I echo that now with my own girls,” says Jennie.

Looks like Hollywood lifestyle hasn’t affected this grounded family.   The former Beverley Hills, 90210 star doesn’t let gossip or fame keep her from being fun or wacky.  Jennie likes to show her girls that it’s okay to be silly as long as you feel comfortable with yourself.

“This is me, take it or leave it,” says Garth. “And I hope that by example, I might be showing my girls that it’s all fun.”

This actress mom is surely doing her best to raise healthy, confident girls!

Photo: GNI Media