Exclusive Celebrity Tell-All: My Biggest Parenting Challenge


  • Jennie Garth 1 of 14
    Jennie Garth
    I may seem distracted to my kids. I’m RSVPing to birthday parties, making the grocery list, or scheduling the tennis lessons. I focus so much on orchestrating everything that I have to remind myself to get down on the floor and play puzzles or give hugs. – Jennie Garth
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  • Kirstie Alley 2 of 14
    Kirstie Alley
    Challenge-wise, sometimes my son is a little too brutally honest and it’s too much information, but I’d rather have that than the opposite. – Kirstie Alley
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  • Nicole Sullivan 3 of 14
    Nicole Sullivan
    Consistency. When I say no to something, I can’t let [Dash] wear me down, because, boy, he’s good. He should work for the CIA. He negotiates, and the next thing I know, he’s eating Smarties and watching Oswald. I’m like, “How did this happen?” – Nicole Sullivan
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  • Lori Loughlin 4 of 14
    Lori Loughlin
    Keeping my girls from fighting! They’re very close in age, and boy, oh boy, can they fight! I try talking to them in the moment and pointing out why [one sister] is acting the way she is.
    – Lori Loughlin
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  • Tori Spelling 5 of 14
    Tori Spelling
    I’m always questioning, “Am I doing the right thing? Am I okay at this?” [my kids] are forming who they are based on what we’re teaching them and what we [let] them experience. That’s a big weight to carry around but it’s also a blessing. – Tori Spelling
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  • Kristin Armstrong 6 of 14
    Kristin Armstrong
    As a single mom, there are a lot of responsibilities that fall on you that normally you'd divvy up, plus you're navigating two households with kids going back and forth. But in some ways it’s easier because you can do what your instinct tells you to do. – Lance’s ex, Kristin Armstrong
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  • Kendra Wilkinson 7 of 14
    Kendra Wilkinson
    The sleep. I used to go to bed around 3 a.m. and wake up at 3 p.m. Now I get up at 3 a.m. and stay up until 3 a.m. But if I could party all night, I can stay up with my baby up all night. Partying was actually an advantage — it prepared me! – Kendra Wilkinson
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  • Trista Sutter 8 of 14
    Trista Sutter
    Patience. It’s hard when you can’t communicate on the same level as a little person or reason with them because they don’t understand you. – Trista Sutter
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  • Amanda Beard 9 of 14
    Amanda Beard
    Sleeping! My son still wakes up four to five times every night, and I’m in a full-training schedule, so it’s, well, interesting to not sleep and then work out four to five hours a day. And when I’m home, all I want to do is play with him, so I’m not taking naps. – Amanda Beard
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  • Denise Richards 10 of 14
    Denise Richards
    Dating is very challenging. I won't introduce [my kids] to anyone I'm dating unless it's very serious. And balancing everything — my daughters always come first. I will never get these years back with my girls! – Denise Richards
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  • Monet Mazur 11 of 14
    Monet Mazur
    Discipline. It’s so hard to know when, what, how much. You have to have a group meeting [with your husband] and get on the same page. Kids need boundaries; it makes them feel safe. – Monet Mazur
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  • Sherri Shepherd 12 of 14
    Sherri Shepherd
    Getting over the fear of if I’m doing it right. He has learning disabilities, and sometimes I don’t want to put too much on him, but I have to challenge him because kids only go as far as you expect them to. It’s okay if he falls off the swing. I just don’t want him to get hurt. – Sherri Shepherd
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  • Melissa Rivers 13 of 14
    Melissa Rivers
    I’m a single parent or “co-parent,” that horrible term they use, so talking with my ex-husband about things we have different opinions on and staying consistent with rules. – Melissa Rivers
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  • Jodi Picoult 14 of 14
    Jodi Picoult
    I wish I had known you’re going to say things you regret but ultimately your other children will have moments when they need you and you’re there for them. – Jodi Picoult
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