Jennifer Aniston To Adopt A Baby From Mexico


jennifer-aniston-picture-adopting-mexicoJennifer Aniston is taking matters into her own hands. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and there isn’t any plans for one any time soon. She’s setting out to Mexico to adopt a baby.

At least that’s what Now magazine is reporting. They say it’s her last desperate option if she wants to be a mother.

The quote from the magazine is actually really funny; “This is what she’s always wanted, a baby, and now it’s about to come true. She won’t let anything get in the way of her dream.”

“Jen has been plowing money into the orphanage for years, just as her ex Brad has, and to adopt a baby from there makes perfect sense. She and Brad will never be — she knows that — but this bond through the baby will live on, no matter what. Brad and Angelina Jolie can never escape from that.”

That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever read, besides maybe this post.

Jen did visit the orphanage and spent a lot of time with the babies there. The owner of the orphanage said, “She got on with all the children, but spent most of her time with the babies. She loved them. She was in the nursery for a long time, playing with them and cuddling them.”

If she does adopt good for her. Maybe we can then move on from this whole Brad, Jen, Angelina triangle.

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