Jennifer Aniston and Babies Don't Mix, The Switch Bombs at the Box Office


We aren’t all that interested in seeing Jennifer Aniston have a baby.  At least that’s what it looks like after her newest film, The Switch, bombed during its debut weekend at the box office.

The highly promoted sperm donor comedy found itself sitting in eighth place for the weekend bringing in only $8.1 million.

Sylvester Stallone and his misfit collection of action heroes nabbed the weekend’s top spot with The Expendables taking in $16.5 million.   Also beating out The Switch was the Twilight spoof Vampires Suck coming in second with $12.2 million,  Bow Wow’s Lottery Ticket coming in fourth with $11 million, and Piranha 3-D coming in at (#6 with $10 million.

It’s a big miss for Aniston, whose last comedy Bounty Hunter, earned 20 million in its first weekend and nearly $70 million overall.

Looks like we just don’t want to see Jennifer Aniston with a baby – at least on-screen!

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