Jennifer Aniston Drunk Peoples Choice Awards? Lighten Up, Leave Jen Alone!


jennifer aniston

The buzz about Jennifer Aniston being drunk at the People s Choice Awards is silly. Does it REALLY matter if Jennifer was tipsy? Lighten up! It’s the People’s Choice Awards, not the Nobel prize.

Jen presented the Favorite Movie Comedy Actor honor to her Just Go With It costar Adam Sandler at the only awards show that takes into account the votes of THE PEOPLE. The  PCA are more casual than the other awards.

So what if Aniston slurred a few words and hurried off the stage after presenting the award to Adam Sandler?  She didn’t embarrass herself or act like a cast member of the Jersey Shore!I’ve read snarky comments about Jennifer Aniston being drunk at the Peoples Choice Awards last night and I’m getting irritated.  Here are a few of the many comments about Aniston:

“Unless she’s Southern (which we doubt), the actress really had a few drinks before coming on stage.”

“Another hint is the fact that she slurred the words “Hello,people” in a drunky way.”

“Then she left in a hurry, like all drunk people do when they realize people are laughing.”

She was fine. She was silly. Maybe she was tipsy!  But she didn’t do anything to get all this media heat. I say leave the woman alone!