Celeb Viral Videos: Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral, Katie Couric 'Funny or Die'


jennifer-aniston-sex-tapeViral videos of Jennifer Aniston and Katie Couric are smokin’ hot on the web right now!

Jennifer Aniston stars in a new video for Smart Water that has all the ingredients that make a good viral video.

You know the stuff: hot celebrities, nerdy tech dudes, puppies, dancing babies, geeky teens lip syncing and of course crotch humor. The video features Jen kicking a guy in the crotch, saying “Sorry, apparently that’s worth about 100,000 hits.”

To ensure it goes viral, the Smart Water video is called “Jen Aniston’s sex tape.” Too freaking funny!

Watch the “viral video” below—it’s pretty funny and will make you fall for Jennifer Aniston all over again. If you ever left her,  that is.

Not as funny as “Jen Aniston’s sex tape” but still pretty funny is Katie Couric’s viral video. Katie killed it in a ‘Funny Or Die’ video.

Couric’s faux news report on ‘The Sillies’ feature the CBS news anchor giving the truth to a group of young children. It’s awesome! Who knew Katie Couric had such great timing?

Photo: Smart Water