Jennifer Aniston Haircut - Can She FINALLY Put Her Rachel Roots Behind Her?

jennifer aniston haircut
Jennifer Aniston Cuts Her Famous Hair

Jennifer Aniston has debuted a brand new haircut which is bringing about more buzz than her new film Just Go With It.  All the focus on her tresses has us reckoning back to her days on Friends and all the press she garnered with her famous Rachel hairdo. 

Can her brand new bob let Jennifer Aniston finally leave her Rachel roots behind her?

All the focus on her hair shows that Jennifer Aniston has finally come full circle.  From her initial Hollywood initiation with the Rachel hairdo that she personally hated to her grown up (and might I say mom friendly) bob.  In between she had a hit tv show, a famous husband, an infamous divorce, and a few hit movies.  Now she’s back with a grown up haircut that seems to put a final nail in what seems to have been her never-ending 20s and 30s.    I can already envision thousands of women heading to the salon with her photo in tow looking for the newest Jennifer Aniston look.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut?