Jennifer Aniston Is Frightened She Can't Get Pregnant

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Jennifer Aniston is terrified she may not conceive.

Wondering why Jennifer Aniston hasn’t joined the Hollywood baby boom just yet? The former Friends star is said to be extremely terrified of not getting pregnant.

Aniston has gone to extreme measures such as quitting smoking to strengthen the possiblity of getting pregnant with boyfriend Justin Theroux.

“For women over 40, there is more than a 15 percent chance of not being able to carry full term,” Dr. Dave. E. David tells OK!. “Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, so it’s sort of like choking the baby off.”

Jen has even cut her gym time from 10 hours a week, down to 3! “She gets self-conscious but Justin loves her new curves and tells her it’s in all the right places,” a source says. “And the big picture is, she’s getting her body ready for a baby.”

Are you looking forward to a pregnant Jennifer Aniston?

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