Jennifer Aniston Is Never Going To Have A Baby



Poor, poor Jennifer Aniston. She makes 25 million dollars a year and yet can’t get a man to hang around for more than just a short time. The reason she has short relationships could be due to the fact that she sets the potential partner down and sets a relationship timeline.

Granted, having that kind of talk with a man that you’ve been in a relationship for a while would be okay, but not after a month. What were you thinking Jennifer?

What do you think Bradley Cooper’s reaction was to that? He may have been a little more gracious than just asking for the check and leaving but not much. Jennifer reportedly sat him down and outlined her ideal relationship time-line. Pregnant within a year and married soon after that.

Do you think she said too much too soon or is she right to state her wants ahead of time?

If she gave her love life the same concentration that she gives her work she might have some luck.

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