Jennifer Aniston: Is That A Food Baby Or A Real Bump? (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston: baby bump or food bump?

The only way we’ll ever put the speculation to rest is if Jennifer Aniston finally comes out of the dark, tells us she’s pregnant and nine months later we can all awe and coo over how the baby inherited boyfriend Justin’s bushy eyebrows, but does have a glimmer of a blonde highlight that could be Brad’s.

But until then, let’s overanalyze the hit of a bump we might be seeing in Jennifer’s midsection that could possibly be the result of a post-posh steakhouse food baby or gasp! a pregnancy bump.

While there have been whispers that Jen has cut the alcohol out of her diet, was spotted visiting her doctor’s several times in the past few weeks, etc. this just seems like the longest 8-week pregnancy ever.

Either way, Jen really outfoxed the other celebrity moms that were at the Elle Annual Women in Hollywood event, including Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Katherine Heigl.  We can’t wait to see foxy Jen work some incredibly maternity wear when the time comes.

Check out the photo of Jen and her bump here and tell us, do you think we’ll be hearting a pregnancy announcement from her this year or will it be in 2012?