Jennifer Aniston New Haircut: Jennifer Aniston Channeling Her Rachel Days?

jennifer aniston new haircut
Do you like Jennifer Aniston's New Haircut?

Have you seen Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut? Personally, I think it looks great on her. You can check out Jennifer Aniston new haircut photos here to see her sexy shorter do for yourself.

Jennifer went for a shoulder length cut that actually reminds me of her Friends‘ days. Is she trying to channel her Rachel character with this new cut, or was she just ready to change things up?

There was a period on Friends when Jen had a shorter bob, and I actually thought that’s when she looked her best. The original “Rachel” cut was a bit too layered, and when her hair gets too long, it takes away from her facial features.

I think that Jennifer Aniston made a wise style choice with her new haircut, how about you?