Jennifer Aniston on the Baby Food Diet?


OK, I know celebrities sometimes do weird things. But this is really just completely bizarre.

Apparently, Jennifer Aniston is the latest Hollywood star to sign on to the baby food diet, which is exactly what it sounds like–substituting jars of baby food for actual food. Aniston allegedly has some concerns about appearing thin in her current movie project, so she has enlisted Tracey Anderson–Gwyneth’s fitness guru–to help her achieve “clean eating”.

The official name of the grossest diet in history ‘The Baby Food Cleanse Eating Plan’. Basically, to follow it, you eat 14 portions of pureed food per day, followed by a normal person’s dinner. The idea is that the baby food is easier to digest and therefore, leads to weight loss.

Doesn’t sound like much of a scientific endeavor, does it?

I mean, seriously. Why would you do that? I have never been a person who had much of on ability to deprive myself of food, but given the choice between baby food and hunger, I’d go with hunger. And I can say this confidently because when I have been confronted with having nothing but baby food in my cupboards, I have waited until my kids woke up from their naps and then ordered a pizza. I have also had the distinct pleasure of having broken my jaw as a teenager and been forced into a pureed foods diet. It took me ten years before I could even look at pudding again.

But that’s me. Would you eat baby food in the name of dieting? What is the craziest thing you’ve done to shed a few pounds?


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