Jennifer Aniston Pokes Fun At Her Pregnancy Rumors In New Smartwater Video

Jennifer Aniston

OMG, Rachel is back! Ok, well, while this might not be Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston sure did bring her back in someway because if there is anyone who knows how to do good slapstick comedy, it would be Jen.

The actress recently released a new Smartwater video in which she is seen hauling what looks like a mega-bowling ball of a pregnancy bump, crashes an expensive car, and fills her pool with of course, Smartwater. Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel also make cameos in the ad.

You gotta love Jen for her sense of humor, right? I mean, could you see Angelina Jolie making a video like this and poking fun of herself? Well, before you answer that question check out the video below and then let us know your thoughts. 


Video via YouTube