Jennifer Aniston Tests Vibrating Bra on 'Ellen' [Video]


Jennifer-AnistonJennifer Aniston was hilarious on The Ellen Show trying on a vibrating bra!  Jennifer Aniston stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres about her new movie Just Go With It and ended up testing out a high tech bra.

Ellen featured the vibrating bra inserts on the show, so when Jennifer Aniston dropped in to promote her flick, Ellen asked her to try them out.  Always the good sport, Jen tests out the strange bra insert and it’s too funny!

Watch the hilarious clip below from The Ellen Show of Jennifer Aniston trying out the vibrating bra–she’s awesome.

Jennifer Aniston stars with Adam Sandler in a new romantic comedy, Just Go With It that opens next week.

Just Go With It follows the story of a plastic surgeon (Sandler) who is romancing a young, beautiful schoolteacher (Brooklyn Decker). In order to cover up a careless lie that he’s at the tail end of a divorce, Adam enlists his trusty assistant/receptionist, played by Jennifer, to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife. When the plan starts to backfire, everyone heads off to Hawaii for a weekend that will change the course of their lives.

Watch this clip from The Ellen Show of Jennifer Aniston being a good sport by trying on the vibrating bra.  Watch as Ellen DeGeneres gives Jennifer the bra insert, and Jennifer asks her host: ‘Am I getting milked?’

If acting ever falls through, maybe Jen could do infomercials?

Photo: Just Go With It/Sony