Jennifer Aniston To George Clooney: Lets Just Get Hitched And Have Kids


jennifer aniston, george clooney
Jennifer Aniston Talks Kids and Marriage.

Jennifer Aniston is featured in an interview with UK’s Red Women magazine where she talks about her career, life, and her desire to marry and have children with George Clooney!

The spotlight has always been focused on Aniston’s single status as well as whether or not she will ever have children. It’s something that she said last year is eventually ‘going to happen’ and implored the world to ‘relax’. But fans are overly eager to hear news of a baby!

The magazine notes that the only other person to get this sort of attention based on their single status is George Clooney. Red suggests she run away with Clooney to which Aniston replied, ‘That would definitely shut up the world!’ she guffaws. ‘I could call up George, say, “Hon, let’s just get hitched and have kids…” I should take George to lunch and we can figure out how to put an end to all this… Ha! Well… No.’

Well I can’t say I would be against this idea.

How do you feel about Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney settling down together?

For the entire interview go to Red Online.