Jennifer Aniston's Boyfriend: Cougar Town Publicity Stunt?


jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston dating Harry Morton first seemed odd to me. She’s a fortysomething, once-divorced woman who has said she wants kids. He is the much-younger ex of Hollywood headcases Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. You would think that Aniston’s biological clock would go double time in protest at the mere approach of Morton. Aniston has a better chance of having kids with John Mayer, and we all know how likely that is.

But then I realized there really is a reason they’re together: She must be practicing for her upcoming appearance on BFF Courteney Cox’s show “Cougar Town!”

Think about it: Aniston loooves to get in character for her parts. How many times have we seen her date a co-star (Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler) only to break up when the movie comes out?

To get in character for “Cougar Town,” a show about older women and their younger bedmates, it makes perfect sense that she’d date a twentysomething who’s 12 years younger than her.

And the extra publicity that comes with the words “Jennifer Aniston” and “cougar” in all the headlines? Hey, that won’t hurt either.

Photo: Wikipedia