Jennifer Aniston's New Haircut A Magnet For Eligible Hollywood Bachelors?

Jennifer aniston, jennifer aniston new haircut
Jennifer Aniston Debuts New Haircut.

As you’ve already become aware by now, Jennifer Aniston premiered her first hair change in the past half decade. The former Friends actress who will always be known for “The Rachel” premiered the shorter bob at the Madrid opening of Just Go With It.

So now that Jen is fresh and looking sexier than ever, we had to imagine which Hollywood bachelors this hairdo would attract. After all, we do want to see Aniston get her happy ending!

1. Ian Somerhalder

He is the hottest thing on television right now. It would definitely spice up both of their careers.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan is the ultimate Hollywood sweetheart. He may be a little young, but who cares?

3. Jake Gyllenhaal

Why have these two not gotten together yet? Give it a go, Jake!

4. Ryan Phillipe

Of course Ryan has always come across as the “bad boy,” but I think Aniston could make it work with him. Plus, they’d be so hot together.

5. Justin Bieber

Haha! They both recently got haircuts so why not?

6. Brad Pitt

Please. These two belong together.

Who would you like to see Aniston with next?