Jennifer Aniston's New Man: 5 Things About Harry Morton


Jennifer Aniston stepped out with a new, young guy and got tongues wagging about who this mystery man is. Turns out, he’s no mystery man –he’s Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton, 29, who founded the Pink Taco chain. He’s no stranger to the tabloids, because he’s dated a celebrities before. Five things about him:

1. His ex is (sit down for this) Lindsay Lohan. Since when does Jennifer Aniston take Lindsay Lohan’s leftovers?

2. He had been dating Hayden Leslie Panettiere, 21, as of late. Maybe he dumped her for Jen?

3. His father is Peter Morton, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe, and his grandfather is Arnie Morton who founded Morton’s Steakhouse. Given restaurants are in his blood, it makes sense he started a chain of his own with Pink Taco. And, hey, Jen has said she loves Mexican food…

4. He attended New York University.

5. He, ironically given Lohan is his ex, started the popular Sunday party tradition called Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel  & Casino in Las Vegas.

Will they create little Aniston-Morton heirs? Only time will tell. Read more about Aniston’s date with him here. And, hey, what happened to this guy?

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