Jennifer Connelly Goes Traditional With Baby Name - 10 Other Celebs Who Skipped The Trendy Baby Names!

Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly Goes Traditional With Baby's Name

When it comes to celebrity baby names we’ve gotten used to hearing trendy names like Willow, Apple, Bear, Honor, Sparrow, Monroe and Morocco.  It’s actually quite refreshing when a celeb bucks the trends and goes with a traditional name.  Actress Jennifer Connelly combined a traditional first name with a trendy middle name when she named her daughter Agnes Lark Bettany last week. 

What other celebrities have gone traditional when they named their celebrity tots?

Matilda: Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams went traditional when they named their daughter Matilda Rose Ledger in 2005. 

Eve: Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw turned to some biblical inspiration when they named their daughter Eve Augusta Gavigan last year.

Alexander: Project Runway judge Nina Garcia went with the solid name Alexander David Conrad when she welcomed her second son in November.  Alexander is also the middle name of her older son.

Robert: Actor Owen Wilson couldn’t get much more traditional than his choice of Robert Ford Wilson for his son. 

Felix: Elizabeth Banks may have gone the untradtional route of a gestational surrogate when her son was born earlier this year, but she definitely showed her traditional side when she named him Felix.

Theodore: Heroes star Ali Larter went old school tradition when she named her son Theodore Hayes MacArthur in December.

Faith: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban paid tribute to the faith it took to become parents together for the second time.  Her middle name Margaret honored Kidman’s grandmother.

Olivia: Olivia wins the trifecta when it comes to celebrity baby names.  James VanDerBeek, Lance Armstrong, and Colin Hanks all went with the traditional girls’ name for their daguthers in 2010 – 2011.

What do you think of Jennifer Connelly’s choice of Agnes for her daughter’s name?

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