Jennifer Connelly Has Daughter Via Home Water Birth! Chooses Old-Fashioned Name

Jennifer connelly baby
Jennifer Connelly welcomes third baby

Jennifer Connelly was due with her third baby in mid-June. But, her baby girl came on May 31.

Jennifer Connelly and husband Paul Bettany opted for a home birth in a water pool. A scheduled one at that. Seems a little contradictory to have a scheduled birth in such a natural way, but to each their own.

I always hold my breath, waiting in anticipation for the baby’s name. Celebs can make such odd choices. But, Jennifer and Paul went with an old fashioned name.

Agnes Lark Bettany joins big brothers Kai and Stellan to give Jennifer Connelly three kids.

A rep for the family says that everyone is doing well.

Congrats to Jennifer Connelly on the birth of Agnes!  What do you think of the old-fashioned name?

Photo: PCN

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