Jennifer Garner Admits That She Bribes Her Children


91736PCN_Garner006When it comes to taking care of our children and having them follow through on some of the things we tell them, I’m sure most mothers out there will know that it’s no easy task. Celebrity mom Jennifer Garner is one of them, as she recently admitted that she has to bribe her children to put on sunscreen before they go outdoors!

“Of course it’s a struggle!” Jennifer told People at the Neutrogena Sun Summit. “The kids do not like getting sunscreen put on, especially at a certain age, at least not mine. If you have kids out there who like sunscreen, hallelujah!”

“I know it’s horrible — and I’m admitting to bribery — but I’ve given them an M&M [for putting] sunscreen on before,” Jen adds. “I’ve [also] done a sticker chart. I’ll do whatever it takes — it has to be a non-negotiable part of life.”

(One M&M? Ok, raise your hand if you believe that part. I mean, only ONE M&M??)

But let’s face it, we’ve all hide to bribe our children at least once or twice in the past week or so….. right? The only way I can get my 5-year-old daughter to eat a proper lunch or dinner is if I promise her frozen yogurt at the end. Hey, whatever works… works!

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