Jennifer Garner and Violet Give the Paparazzi a Taste of Their Own Medicine! (Photos)

Jennifer Garner gets in a shot at photographers.

Say cheese!

Jennifer Garner decided to have a little fun with the photographers for a change. As she picked up older daughter Violet from ballet class, she paused to take out her phone and get a shot of the lensman.

Looks like Violet sent a message of her own, too!

It’s no wonder Jennifer is in such a good mood. For one thing, she’s a three-time mom with the arrival of son Samuel a couple of months ago. For another, she just got a lovely shout-out from doting husband Ben Affleck, who sent her a loving Mother’s Day message on Facebook calling her “an incredible, spectacular, world-class mom!”

We don’t know what Ben has in store for his world-class wife tomorrow, but it’ll no doubt be something special. And check out the smile on Violet’s face; how much you wanna bet she’s got a surprise or two in store for her mom?

Take a look at these new pictures of mother and dancer daughter!

  • Getting ready 1 of 5
    Getting ready
    Is Jennifer texting her husband or thinking of snapping the paparazzi?
  • Hand in hand 2 of 5
    Hand in hand
    The two ladies chatted as they walked through the parking lot.
  • Tiny dancer 3 of 5
    Tiny dancer
    Violet looks like she might be getting ready to soar.
  • Happy together 4 of 5
    Happy together
    Violet beams in her pink leotard and - yes - violet jacket. Her mom chose a more casual jeans and shirt combo.
  • Happy mom 5 of 5
    Happy mom
    This will be Jennifer's first Mother's Day as the mom of three!


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