Jennifer Garner and Violet: Just Like Us


jennifer garner violetJennifer Garner and Violet, 4, took a mother-daughter trip to art class in Brentwood yesterday, and looked remarkably like a real-life, non-Hollywood family duo. First, they drove their own car and parked on the street! You can see them putting coins in their meter, at left. Violet, just like my son, is into all things buttons, slots, levers. If there’s a coin to drop, a button to push, he wants to do it. 

After settling the parking situation (which included at least a little help from mom, photo below) they held hands on the sidewalk, hopped across a crosswalk, and hit an art class. Check out more adorable Violet & Jennifer Garner photos:

My favorite part? They’re no better at planning ahead than the rest of us. The art class was a drop-in session.

jennifer garner violet

Jen Garner violet

PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin

jennifer garner violetjen garner

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