Jennifer Garner Won't Work With Ben Affleck


jennifer-garnerJennifer Garner is such a cool chick, she has to be the most down-to-earth mom in Hollywood.

She has 2 adorable little girls and a husband that is getting better looking every time I see him. She can pick and choose her movie roles and says that she loves it.

“The frequency with which I’ve worked is totally different because I went years without a single day off. So I have to really love (a role) to feel like it’s worth uprooting the family and putting us somewhere else.”

She also says that it’s not a likely scenario that she and Ben will ever work together on-screen. She would just say that she wanted to go home to the kids.

“The question keeps coming up, and we have literally never spoken about it. I think he’s a beautiful director obviously and such a gorgeous writer but, y’know, to go to work with him, I would just be like, I need to go home to the kids.”

I work with my husband and sometimes I feel the same way.

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