Jennifer Garner Doesn't Wear Maternity Clothes: Stylist Rachel Zoe Won't Let Her!

Jennifer Garner hasn't worn maternity clothes yet.

When I got pregnant with my son, I remember telling anyone who would listen that I had no intention of buying any maternity clothes. I just assumed that I’d buy things in bigger sizes and I’d be all set.

When I finally “popped” somewhere around month five, however, I realized that there was no way my plan was going to work. I broke down and bought a bunch of maternity clothes, which are now rotting somewhere in my basement since I’ll never wear them again.

Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her third child, and she told InStyle that her stylist, Rachel Zoe, won’t let her wear maternity clothes!  She said, “I think because she was so little when she was pregnant, she didn’t wear them.” Rachel has been dressing Jen’s baby bump in regular duds for the red carpet, but she isn’t so sure that she’s going to last much longer.

Garner added, “I have four months to go. Sooner or later, she is going to have to put me in a maternity dress. Eventually that is going to happen, but so far she has gotten her way.”

Jennifer definitely looks amazing, and the regular clothes are working well for her so far. How about you? Were you able to get through your pregnancy without wearing maternity clothes?

Photo: PRPhotos