Jennifer Garner Felt Fat and Ugly While Pregnant


garner_jennifer_too-skinnyJennifer Garner is just a regular girl. She’s proven it over and over again to me. Sure she’s a movie star and has tons of money, but in all the stuff that makes us who we are, she’s real.
She has two little girls who she adores, she took her time losing weight after giving birth to Seraphina and now she says she hated being pregnant.

Well maybe she didn’t hate it, but she did feel, “so fat, huge and ugly” while pregnant.  Then she wore a big fuzzy dog costume for Halloween and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We all have outfits that we shouldn’t have worn while 8 months pregnant.

My worst outfit while pregnant was my Cheesecake Factory uniform. I looked like a giant marshmallow.

What was your worst pregnancy outfit?