Jennifer Garner Gives Jessica Biel Love Advice


VALENTINES DAYJennifer Garner and Jessica Biel are best buddies. Well, enough for Jessica to ask Mrs. Affleck for love advice. Supposedly during filming of their movie, Valentine’s Day, Biel wanted to know how to hold on boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

“Jen advised her to back off and stop being so clingy,” a source tells OK! “She even came up with a ‘relationship cheat sheet,’ including ways Jessica could spice things up and play hard to get at the same time.

“Jen told Jess to calm things down, and remind Justin what attracted her to him in the first place.”

The tattler goes on to say some of the things Jen told Jessica to do. They include playing hard to get, not calling so much, stop quizzing him about other women and give each other sexy massages.

Uh…Justin? Are you reading this? Is it working?