Jennifer Garner, Her Baby Bump & Belly Button: Shows Off Her Outie! (Photos)

Jennifer Garner and Her Outie!

Jennifer Garner is glowing! But that’s what happens to some lucky pregnant women. Sure there may be the swollen ankles and stretch marks but that pregnancy glow makes it all better.

Jennifer Garner – who is expecting her third child with Ben Affleck – was spotted shopping in Brentwood. And she didn’t just show off her baby bump, but she showed off her belly button – an outie!

Plus…I think we may know if Jennifer and Ben will be having a girl or a boy. The mom to be was carrying a bag in Brentwood from a salon that is actually in Santa Monica. And there was a bunch of blue tissue in the bag – maybe the salon bag was a decoy trying to hide the baby gift inside?

Check out more photos of Jennifer, her belly bump and her belly button right here!

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    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner has an outie!
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    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer was spotted shopping in Brentwood.
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    Jennifer Garner
    Her baby bump continues to grow!
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    Jennifer Garner
    She is looking great during her third pregnancy.
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    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer and Ben must be very excited for their third child!

Photos: Pacific Coast