Jennifer Garner Is As Happy As A Clam


jenifer_garner-1Jennifer Garner’s life is very full these days. She has two beautiful daughters, a getting better as he ages husband and she’s deliriously happy.

She said: “The goal is that everyone is just happy and healthy. The second child is easier, and the experience of bringing a baby into the world is easier, but the overall thing is chaos. It’s happy chaos. Let me just say that life is very full these days.”

She doesn’t let the tabloid rumors or paparazzi get to her nor her alone time with the girls.  “Does it bother me that I’m not left alone with my daughters? My theory on this is simple: ‘If you don’t let it get to you, it won’t.’ I just live my life, and I ignore the rest of it.”

That’s a great plan. I think more people should live their life that way, including myself. I’m off to be more positive!!!

I’m going to start by looking at this picture.


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