Jennifer Garner Looks Ageless During Her Media Blitz In NYC (Photos)


I really don’t care what the haters say, because I love Jennifer Garner. I guess her appeal to many moms out there is that she seems very genuine while she’s both hard-working and dedicated to her family. That, and she doesn’t come off in a very superficial Hollywood way that most other actresses of her generation do.

With that being said, Ben Affleck’s other half was spotted looking incredibly fresh and young while promoting her new movie, Draft Day, in New York City. The celebrity mother-of-three was all smiles as she stopped by Good Morning America to film a mini-segment for the show.

But seriously, doesn’t Jennifer Garner look ageless? I don’t know what her secret is, but whatever she’s doing, is obviously working for her because I don’t think she’s aged a day in the past ten years. While I don’t think she dabbles in age-defying expensive creams and routine as much as someone like Gwyneth Paltrow does, I do think that her positive outlook and healthy lifestyle do help quite a lot!

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