Jennifer Garner Pregnancy Rumors Swirling: Leave The Girl Alone!

Poor Jennifer Garner and the pregnancy rumors again

Who is the latest celebrity mom rumored to be pregnant?

Jennifer Garner.

Either blogs or tabloids really want to see her pregnant again, or they don’t know what a “normal” belly is supposed to look like.

So let me get this straight celebrities are superior humans therefore they are not allowed to eat a big lunch or put on a few pounds.  And a woman who has a completely flat stomach all the time really exists?  There can’t be a slight roundness to a woman’s belly without automatically assuming that she is with child.

Give me a break!

It’s rumors like these that contribute to poor self-esteem issues in women.  A slightly curvy belly is not acceptable in Hollywood it seems.

Remember the rumors that were swirling when Katie Holmes was spotted shopping with a “bloated” belly?

Maybe everyone would love to see Jennifer Garner pregnant again.  The actress, 39, and her husband Ben Affleck, 38, already have two daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2.  Perhaps they will try for a third hoping for a boy.

But if and when it’s time, they will let us know!  In the meantime, let’s stop speculating and leave her alone.